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Efficiency & Compliance: C2’s Privacy Toolkit

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Success Story

Efficiency & Compliance: C2’s Privacy Toolkit

The Cabinet Office, a pivotal government department, faced a daunting task: managing privacy across 60 diverse business units. Their existing systems were far from ideal, with decentralised processes that led to complex and time-consuming daily operations. 

The Cabinet Office needed a better way to extract reports and gain a clear overview of their data. Their solution? A transformative partnership with C2.

C2’s Privacy Toolkit

We stepped in to provide the Cabinet Office with a comprehensive Privacy Toolkit, empowering their Privacy Team to revolutionise their approach. 

Here’s what the solution brought to the table:

  • Unified Privacy Management: Our Privacy Toolkit provided a centralised hub for all business units, consolidating privacy-related processes.
  • Defined User Roles: Each module within the system has well-defined user roles, ensuring accountability and access control.
  • Automated Notifications: The system automated notifications, particularly for Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), ensuring deadlines were met efficiently.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA): Mandated by GDPR Article 35, this assessment evaluated privacy risks within the system, involving the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for consultation.
  • Collaboration: The DPIA promoted engagement and collaboration, allowing project experts to contribute insights, resulting in a more effective response from the Privacy Team.
  • DSAR Deadline Adherence: Customisable notifications ensured prompt DSAR deadline adherence and a detailed audit trail enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • Electronic Record of Processing Activities (ROPA): Our ROPA tool captured essential details, aligning seamlessly with the ICO recommendations.

Achieving Effective Results

The Cabinet Office has accomplished significant success with the C2 Privacy Toolkit. This versatile platform effectively adapts to the increasing demands of its business units, managers, and employees. We’ve helped to streamline the report generation process, making it more efficient. Customisable email reminders and prompts help keep the team on track and ensure tasks are completed on time. Notably, the most significant benefit of our toolkit is its ability to centralise all privacy-related tasks, providing a cohesive and efficient solution for managing privacy matters within the Cabinet Office. With our support, the Cabinet Office can confidently navigate the complexities of data privacy while safeguarding sensitive information.

To view the full case study, visit here. 

C2 is also a vital player in the G-Cloud Framework, an initiative introduced by the UK Government in 2012, which is aimed at easing how public sector organisations embrace cloud computing. In essence, the G-Cloud framework (short for Government Cloud) serves as a partnership between the government and technology suppliers. Its goal is to streamline the process of acquiring cloud solutions and exists to make purchasing cloud solutions faster and cheaper than entering individual contracts. 

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