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Privacy Toolkit

Privacy Toolkit


Overcome Data Management Challenges with C2’s Privacy Toolkit

The C2 Privacy Toolkit empowers organisations to navigate GDPR compliance effortlessly. It streamlines data management, ensures responsible data handling, and aligns with industry standards, such as the Data Transparency and Accountability Code (DTAC), enhancing overall data protection and governance.

C2 Privacy Toolkit

What’s in the toolkit?

According to the European Commission, ‘Accountability is the cornerstone of GDPR,’ and the C2 Privacy Toolkit enables ‘Data Protection by Design’ in new projects, demonstrating compliance, avoiding fines, and reducing operational costs by eliminating unnecessary data collection. GDPR compliance need not be confusing or time-consuming. It’s time to take responsibility for data management and GDPR compliance. Our focus is not just on unlocking solutions but on providing a proactive approach to ensure seamless compliance within your organisation, making compliance an integral part of your operations.
ROPA: GDPR Compliance Hub
The ROPA (Record of Processing Activities) module streamlines GDPR compliance, assisting businesses in documenting key data details. It simplifies data management, transforming intricate filing into transparent documentation for clear data processing activities.
Self-Assessment: Streamlined Internal Monitoring
The Self-Assessment module enables organisations to monitor and assess privacy practices through internal questionnaires, fostering a culture of responsible data stewardship.
DSAR Management: Timely, transparent responses
The DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) module simplifies data requests, ensuring organisations respond within one month. Custom notifications, audit trails, and responsible party records promote compliance, transparency, and accountability.
DPIA: Efficient Data Collection
Our Privacy Toolkit ensures data collection aligns with organisational goals. The DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) module involves the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and experts, fostering responsible data management, regulatory compliance, and thorough assessments.
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